The following have all been posted on by successful clients:

I would highly recommend Kimball Ralphs. Where some hypnotists rely on generic scripts, Kimball instead customizes the sessions to address your particular needs. He takes the time to understand your issues. He is insightful, compassionate, and always makes you feel at ease. Dana S. Portland, OR 4/3/14

I have lost about 10 lbs in 3 months since going to Mr. Ralphs. (My weight loss goal is to lose another 15 lbs- so I’m almost halfway there.) The hypnosis really does work, but you have to be diligent and listen to the recordings. I found Mr. Ralphs to be a pretty insightful and knowledgeable guy about weight loss and health in general. He informed me of a bunch of different studies and researchers that make you look at stuff with a different perspective. Like….all those after work cocktails can actually change the shape of your brain, in addition to your waistline. Pretty much just another good reason to avoid that 500 calorie margarita. Victoria B. Myrtle Beach, SC 3/29/14

I went in to see Mr. Ralphs a little over 1 year ago. At the time I was a 2 pack a day smoker. I haven’t smoked since that day, and I haven’t really had the urge to either. It was my first time trying hypnosis, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to kick the habit. If you’re like me, and started pondering a hypnosis session to quit smoking, look no further. D T. Portland, OR 11/28/13

My hypnotherapy sessions with Kimball have helped me reduce my sugar and carb cravings significantly. I no longer get triggered by every gluten free bakery I pass. I’m more deliberate about what I eat and how I eat it. I’m more relaxed around food and I’m more relaxed in general. In fact, Kimball’s hypnotherapy CD is so relaxing, I use it to help me sleep, which in turn helps with the weight loss and with being more conscious about the decisions I make. The positive messages embedded in the CD’s have become embedded in my subconscious. A side benefit of the sessions is Kimball’s knowledge of current weight loss theories. He had lots of good, creative suggestions to help with my own particular challenges. I highly recommend visiting him. He’s a terrific, empathic listener and a skilled hypnotherapist. Connie L. Portland 11/9/13

I’ve been struggling with weight for a long time and have been looking for something to help me. City of Roses Hypnosis has really helped me with my attitude towards food. Hypnosis has helped me to find other ways to provide myself comfort in times of stress without turning to food. I no longer allow myself to be a human garbage disposal. If you’re open to it, hypnosis it can help change the way you look at food . It can also help you ‘want’ to exercise. I would recommend City of Roses Hypnosis to those with weight issues who need a little extra help. S D. Albany, OR 6/16/13

I always thought hypnosis was a lot of hype. It works! My eating habits and behavioral actions were totally out of hand. I was scared, and decided this was the only thing I have not tried as far as dieting goes. After my first session, and listening to my CD daily, I do not even have cravings any more, eating at night is not an issue, and I am controlled and comfortable around food. THIS IS HUGE FOR ME! My goal was not to lose weight, count calories/carbs/fats. My goals are to eat like a normal, healthy, fit person, eat whatever I want but only a single serving, and if I desire a treat, eat just a little. People ask me, “weren’t you afraid that something would happen when you were put under”, and now I can laugh about that, because you are totally aware of your surroundings. Go for it! It works! Kim is great! Cindy B. 6/13/13

It is so exciting to be losing weight, shedding these stubborn unwanted inches and bulges that I’ve been carrying around. It’s exciting to be getting my life back and it’s happening because I took the chance to try hypnosis therapy with Kim. He has an amazing calming voice that guides me into a soul place where I can connect with my inner strengths and desires. I recommend Kim to you if you want some help with your problem. Susie H. Damascus, OR 3/12/13

I saw Kimball for weight loss. He gave me a personalized tape which I listened to every day. I have lost 30 pounds. I am back in my regular clothes. I did not use a diet program. The only thing I did was do the hypnosis with Kimball, listen to the tape and do the couple of food suggestions Kimball gave me (chew my food, eat slowly, pick healthy food choices, etc) I highly recommend him. I am more relaxed and happy then ever. Kudos!!! Jean H. Sherwood, OR 5/26/12

Put your doubts aside and trust this caring professional to help you use your mind to improve your life. I purchased a four-session package with the intention of freeing myself from conscious self-discipline about food, and found that the problems I had with sleep got much better, too. Though I did not have a lot of weight to lose and exercise regularly, I was tired of fighting the munchies after dinner, and the therapeutic suggestions Kimball made reinforced and eased the effort required to avoid what did I had to get where I want to be. He asks good questions, listens carefully and incorporates what he hears to create treatment which is individual and effective. It’s easy. It’s relaxing. It works. J. L. H. Damascus, OR 1/24/12

I, like my people, have loss weight many times. I have joined Weight Watchers, and LA Weight Loss, but losing weight with these programs and I did lose weight, was stressful and I always had to be on task. When my weight started to climb again this last year, I was reluctant to go back to the same old thing. So I looked into hypnosis for weight loss and found City of Roses Hypnotize. After going through about 30 websites, the short video on Kimball’s website, clicked with me. My first appointment was the day before my 58th birthday, great birthday present. In our first session I explained to Kimball that my major reason for losing weigh is my bad knee, I am down to bone on bone in two places, and the extra pounds cause more pain. I of course want to lose weight for all the normal reasons, as well, but pain is an amazing incentive. Almost from the first session I started losing weight. I have always loss weight very slowly, and I was already excising regularly, and have a pretty good diet, so it has not been a large loss. However, I don’t mind because it is stress free. In other programs I had to think about food all the time, when to eat, what to eat, what not to eat. Now what I do is eat when I am hungry, stop when I’m full, and that’s it. Couldn’t be any simpler. I listen to Kimball’s CD at least twice a week, and more often if I am heading into a stressful situation. One of the side benefits of the CD is that I sleep better. I am completely positive that I will get down to my goal weight with out thinking about it much. Leatha J. Portland, OR 11/23/10

My parents gave me a gift certificate to City of Roses Hypnosis. I have been overweight since my teens and tried weight loss programs and nothing worked until this. I don’t know how it works, but it really does work. It’s so easy – I don’t feel like overeating and I don’t feel guilty if I eat a cookie because I know I’m not overdoing it. Kimball is also pretty cool for an older dude. He’s not judgmental and makes you feel very comfortable. He’d probably be good at other kinds of issues, too. I have some friends who smoke and have other bad habits that I’m going to refer to Kimball. For the first time, I feel hopeful that I can have a better life because I know I can control my eating. Lora M. Portland, OR 11/22/10

“I wanted to quit smoking for years, but always believed I just didn’t have the will power. Kimball showed me that it’s not about will power, it’s simply a matter of learning to direct your mind away from the temporary urge, to a very specific long term goal. I haven’t had a smoke, or really wanted one in months. Tom J, Portland