Hypnosis is a natural way to deal with pain without harmful, addicting drugs. When in the hypnotic state, similar to a daydream, you are relaxed, yet completely aware. Then, perception of pain, and your response to pain can be modified.  When there is a break or decrease in pain, clients can enjoy better quality sleep.  Then you’ll wake feeling rested and re-engergized, and be less stressed all day.

“When hypnosis and hypnotic suggestions are combined with other treatments, those other treatments become more effective”, reports Mark P. Jensen, editor of a pain journal connected with the University of Washington. His article on the blog of the Oxford University Press details how hypnosis can improve pain management.  The results from three lines of research that have created a renewed interest in the application of hypnosis for chronic pain management.  Kimball Ralphs, City Of Roses Hypnosis.  Link to OUPblog: