Learn to reverse these negative thoughts to improve your weight loss results:

All or Nothing Thinking
Every little success brings me closer to my goal.

Over generalizing:
I’m adaptable and can learn to adjust and change to reach my goal

Focusing on the Negative:
I focus on my many successes, and expect a positive outcome. A plane if off course 99% of the time, but with constant corrections reaches its destination.

Thinking with your feelings:
I stay positive and believe in myself.

I want to eat right & exercise because it will help me achieve my goal.

I always think of myself in the most positive way possible.

Predicting the Future:
Positive expectations keep me motivated.

I take responsibility for my success and look for ways to improve.

I observe, listen to, and stay in touch with my body so I can continue to move toward my ideal weight.

Kimball Ralphs, CHt. www.CityOfRosesHypnosis.com