“After having sessions with Kimball for weight loss, I learned to feel okay about eating less, and not feel like I was wasting food when I didn’t eat everything on my plate. I also became more conscious of my feelings around food. This has helped me work toward my ideal weight.

An added benefit from both the in-person, and the CD take-home sessions, I’ve found I am better able to allow my body to really relax. And, I sleep much better now. Kimball is very professional, and a great listener. He really does customize his treatments for each individual.”

S.P.Lake Grove

Kimball, I’m grateful for your help and feeling amazingly well. I listen to your CD everyday and know it has helped me tremendously. You are a gift to those who need some fine tuning and a nudge in the right direction. I’m happy our paths crossed.

Kristi D.

“I wanted to quit smoking for years, but always believed I just didn’t have the will power. Kimball showed me that it’s not about will power, it’s simply a matter of learning to direct your mind away from the temporary urge, to a very specific long term goal. I haven’t had a smoke, or really wanted one in months.”

Tom JPortland Oregon

“After just three hypnosis sessions, I’ve changed the way I relate to food. I don’t crave sweets anymore, like I used to. And I don’t snack after dinner, and that’s a biggie for me. If I’m under stress, I no longer use food for comfort. I still listen to the hypnosis CD that Kimball made for me to stay on track. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to reach my ideal weight.”

K.H.Vancouver Washington

“I was experiencing some major anxiety about a singing engagement. The performance was with some major national musicians. I desperately needed to be reminded that I could do it, that I was good enough. I needed a calming technique to help me remember that. I had two sessions with Kimball, about a week apart that focused on self confidence and calming techniques. I totally ROCKED that show, and am totally convinced that hypnosis works! It worked for me.”
Thanks Kimball

L. Steele

“I just turned sixty, and had smoked since a teenager. I knew that Kimball had quit smoking himself decades ago with the help of hypnosis, so I figured what the heck, I’ll try it. Sure enough, it’s working and I can’t thank or recommend Kimball enough for that. You CAN do it, with some help!”

Larry PindarGresham, Oregon

“Working with Kimball has given me a new sense of self worth. I now know that I do have control over my weight, and I have the power to be whatever size I choose to be. I tried diets and exercise, but nothing really worked because I became discouraged with the slow results. Hypnosis changed my entire way of thinking! I’ve lost over 30 lbs, and am on my way to living the life I have always dreamed of.”
Thank you,

Amy Keys