Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Do you want to get in shape? Have the body you’ve always wanted? Hypnosis may be the answer. Unlike drugs and surgery, it’s affordable. It works permanently.

Weight Loss Hypnosis With all the diets out there, few have lasting success. Why is that? You need changes deep down inside. Hypnosis can do that for you. Your mind is very powerful. With hypnosis, permanent change can be easy. When you change your attitude toward food, and believe in yourself, you’ll address the root cause of your weight issues and create good eating habits. Naturally and effortlessly. You’ll think like a thin person.

Hypnosis has been proven to be one of the most successful weight loss tools.

Pretty brunette showing with a measuring tape around her waist how much centimeters she has already lost
It allows the removal of old programming that makes you eat out of habit, emotions, and family behaviors. Over-eating & choosing unhealthy foods is often used as a distraction from uncomfortable feelings such as boredom, anger, depression, loneliness, stress, and fear. Once old feelings from the past are dealt with, you’ll be able to let go of your excess weight, and keep it off forever.

In as few as 4-6 sessions, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eat slowly, mindfully and with real pleasure, so every bite is delicious.
  • Automatically stop eating when you’re full, without feeling deprived.
  • Reprogram the thoughts that make you self-medicate with food.
  • Link the idea of moving your body to something you truly love.
  • Learn to feel enjoyment at the thought of exercising your right to be healthy.
  • Learn to love yourself and your body, so taking care of it is a pleasure

Weight Loss Study: Volunteers lost 2-16 times more weight by adding hypnosis to weight loss plan as reported in the Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology, 64 (3) 517-519. In this research paper analyzing multiple experiments where hypnosis was added to more standard behavior modification, weight loss was reported to be more permanent. Hypnosis should be used by anyone who is serious about weight loss.

“After having sessions with Kimball for weight loss, I learned to feel okay about eating less, and not feel like I was wasting food when I didn’t eat everything on my plate. I also became more conscious of my feelings around food. This has helped me work toward my ideal weight.

An added benefit from both the in-person, and the CD take-home sessions, I’ve found I am better able to allow my body to really relax. And, I sleep much better now. Kimball is very professional, and a great listener. He really does customize his treatments for each individual.”

S.P.Lake Grove

“After just three hypnosis sessions, I’ve changed the way I relate to food. I don’t crave sweets anymore, like I used to. And I don’t snack after dinner, and that’s a biggie for me. If I’m under stress, I no longer use food for comfort. I still listen to the hypnosis CD that Kimball made for me to stay on track. I have no doubt that I’ll be able to reach my ideal weight.”

K.H.Vancouver Washington

“Working with Kimball has given me a new sense of self worth. I now know that I do have control over my weight, and I have the power to be whatever size I choose to be. I tried diets and exercise, but nothing really worked because I became discouraged with the slow results. Hypnosis changed my entire way of thinking! I’ve lost over 30 lbs, and am on my way to living the life I have always dreamed of.”
Thank you,

Amy Keys